About us

Our vision is “to become one of the top five leading corporations in tourism and hospitality industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with a full network of services, including retail travel agencies, tour operations, transportation and hospitality”.

Our mission is “to develop premium products and services, create value, improve efficiency and foster synergy in the entire chain of business to provide our customers with a unique and delightful experience, contribute to sustainable development of our staffs and community, and maximize returns to our shareholders”.

Through our valued staffs, we will accomplish our vision by anticipating and exceeding the expectation of our customers, leveraging our experience and expertise accumulated over a decade, and deploying our core competencies in customer service and prudent management. We seek to attract brilliant and passionate people, invest in their growth and strengthen our culture of excellence, integrity, adaptability and professionalism. We focus on leveraging the power of our strategic network and involving our partners in adapting an entire value chain approach to create more and more added values to our customers. We will also look for new business opportunities that satisfy our criteria for returns and sustainability, and will use the synergy of our network to capitalize on them.

Fundamental to our success and growth are the core values which have governed our operations and decision making process since the very beginning of our business. They are also the foundation of our core competencies. 

Respect for people and nature: We show utmost respect to our customers, our partners and especially our natural environment.

Culture of excellence: We accept only the best people and the highest quality of work 

Value creation approach: Only by creating more and more added values to our customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders, can we sustain our long term prosperity and strategic network strength.

Passion and creativity: We have endless passion in travel and with our creative minds we bring our customers to the very unique experience 

Trust and integrity: With an extensive network of partners across Asia and European, trust and integrity is our way to deal with each other as well as with our customers.

 Our founders believe in the concept of ethical and responsible business practices and inspire us to do the same. It is possible to be ethical and successful and we see it as the only way of doing business. Thus we are committed to an array of operating principles: One company, one vision: We have a diverse business portfolio with operating divisions across Vietnam but we all share the same philosophy of “One company, one vision”. That belief enables us to deliver consistent quality and highest standards of services, and to maintain a good corporate image. 

Total devotion to customer service: Customers are put at the very heart of our business and keeping them happy is our top priority. To us, every customer is unique, so all of our offers are tailored carefully to surpass their specific needs and expectations. We pay wholehearted effort and attention to make sure that every customer is treated like our only one and we will never tolerate misconduct and malpractice to our customer, in whatsoever way. 

Dedication to personal growth: We can’t achieve our success if our people are not successful. Realizing the value of staff development and empowerment, we always encourage and support the sharing of skills, knowledge and experience among us to build strong teamwork spirit and sense of responsibility. We also invest heavily in staff training to safeguard our reputation for excellence and world-class service. And most importantly, we maintain a family-like workplace that nurtures mutual care, respect and love.

At Emotion Vietnam, profit generation activities are not separated from our social responsibilities: We build only eco-friendly properties and services that bring harmonious benefits to our shareholders, customers, local people as well as all other stakeholders.

We provide equal job opportunities and give priority to those with disabilities in a number of positions.

We minimize our use of energy, water and paper, as well as say no to disposable products at our offices.

We spend a part of our yearly profit to invest in social innovations and sustainable development projects

We take an active part in a variety of sponsorship and charity actions in Vietnam as well as join the worldwide effort in cultural and environmental preservation.

 The names “Emotion”, “Emotion Vietnam”, “Hanoi Emotion Hotel”, “Halong Emotion Cruise”, “Perfume River Emotion Cruise”, “Mekong Lodge” and “Funan Cruise”, and all the logos, designs and symbols associated with them are our trademarks, registered with Vietnam National Intellectual Property Office. Any use of these materials without written permission from us is unauthorized and constitutes infringement under the State laws of Vietnam..