Cooperate with Us

Be our valued partner

At Emotion Vietnam, we recognize the importance of partnership to deliver complementary services and solutions that satisfy the needs of increasingly-demanding travelers. We are innovative in the establishment of effective partnerships that allow us to work towards the common vision of fulfilling customer’s needs and maintain our competitive advantages within the industry.

With a multi-disciplinary team, creative mindset and industry expertise, Emotion Vietnam is able to build strong synergy in the entire network and mitigate channel conflicts by creating a collaborative environment in which partners are encouraged to work closely with us as well as with other partners to create more added values to the customers. 

If you have assets (land), properties or businesses in travel and hospitality, and you seek to leverage your core competencies to complement our strengths as equal partners, we invite you to join us. We only look for those who are serious about improved efficiency and increased profitability and growth as we are.

Be our valued investor

Emotion Vietnam seeks to make smart investments in high growth sectors through creation of new businesses and expansion of existing ones. We will take hands on approach and focus to determining and executing the right strategy of finance, sales & marketing, human resources and operation management to deliver consistent quality, maintain highest standard of services and maximize shareholder value.

 We also seek to buy existing undervalued companies or assets, and restructure them unlocking value and establishing profitable and sustainable businesses. We believe in a long term and value creation approach to investment. 

 Thus, if you have money and look for ways to invest where returns are big and guaranteed, you need to search no more. Emotion Vietnam is the place to go.